Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things To Come

I've always been a sucker for sneak previews, trailers and "Next Week on...." blurbs. Now that I have an official blog, I have so many ideas it's a fight to see which I want to throw down next. But with my once a month D&D game coming up this weekend and other commitments, I may not be able to post in awhile (how do these other guys post daily????). Anyway, a few of the more coherent subjects I want to cover in the near future include:

Why I Might Not Be Old School

Ruins of Undermountain: The One True Megadungeon

The Most Useful D&D Item Ever Sold

The Genius of Ed Greenwood: Maskyr's Eye

The Holmes Delusion

How much is that Castle Zagyg in the Window?

My Love Affair With Dungeon Magazine

The Greatest Modules Never Sold: Winners of the IDDC Contest

Top Ten D&D Items of All Time

A Blast From the Past: The Tabletop Warriors Story

Might be a week until I get around to any of these, but I can't wait....!


  1. Sounds like a helluva week! Sign me up!

  2. Love the new blog. Always nice to see someone branch off to a blog of his own, especially one with a nice sense of humor and clear love for RPGs.

    While you're noodling over which of these to write first, I'd love you to check out my webseries about old-school tabletop fantasy RPG: GOLD. It's shameless, really -- I'm hoping I can convince you to write about it:

    GOLD follows the American and British Goblins & Gold RPG teams as they prepare for the World Role Playing Games Championships. Told in traditional narrative style with a mix of drama and subtle comedy, GOLD is both a comic look at the American portrayal of sports in television and film, and a loving tribute to the wonderful world of traditional, pen-and-paper style role playing games.

    GOLD is independently produced series by gamers for gamers and people who love gamers. We've five episodes so far, with two more on the way to round out our first season. Maybe you decide to write about it, or tell your friends and fellow gamers (that'd be nice). Or, maybe not. Either way, I'd love you to watch it.

    - David Nett -
    Executive Producer
    GOLD, the Web Series
    can you take the hits?