Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update for NTRPG Con

The number of D&D Old Schoolers flocking to Texas the first week in June continues to grow. I'll never live down my quote of "If we are lucky, we'll get 10-15 gamers here." Whoops. We now have 48 registered with six weeks to go!

Since my last post on this subject, we've added Rob Kuntz to our guest lineup, the co-dm of Castle Greyhawk and the creator of Castle El Raja Key and the World of Kahlibrun. Rob has agreed to run two ERK delves but space is VERY limited! Rob joins old school luminaries Frank Mentzer, Tim Kask , and Paul Jaquays in our all star lineup. Needless to say the guests we were able to hook, plus the response, has gone beyond my wildest expectatons. Sign up for games will be at the end of the month, and I expect the spots to go VERY quickly!

There will be lots of old school gaming, some raffles, a BBQ, a tour of Reaper miniatures, and of course lots of fun and fellowship during the mini-con. Check out the site, and if you are in Texas the first weekend in June, come by and meet some of the Giants of the Game.

BTW thanks to James Maliszewski and his shout out for the NTRPG Con on his very excellent blog grognardia (

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  1. Jaybird told me about this! It sounds pretty cool.Texas is the place to be! :)